I am fucking raging.
This bollocksing about costs people their fucking lives, and there’s nobody in government taking steps to stop this shit.
Read this article:

Anybody notice this?:
Meanwhile, the alternative-medicine schools that are accredited by the federal government are dismayed by the explosion of untrained and uncertified operators.

“They are using smoke and mirrors to confuse people by not disclosing the truth behind their accrediting agencies and their institutions,” said Dr. Jane Guiltinan, a naturopathic clinical professor at Seattle’s Bastyr University, one of the five schools of naturopathy that are accredited by a federally recognized institution.

Guiltinan is president of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP), an organization that requires that its members graduate from a four-year accredited college.

“To argue that you don’t have to have any training for diagnosing or treating patients is absurd,” she said.

Isn’t that just fucking bullshitters calling bullshitters ‘bullshitters’ because they’re not peddling bullshit using a diploma bought from an accredited diploma mill rather than one of the ordinary ones?! Fucking absurd as fuck, that is.

No wonder the public has its fucking hands full trying to tell what’s bollocks and what isn’t.

And here’s the fucking thing that gets me all fucking stabby just now:

It really doesn’t matter whether someone took a four-year bachelor degree before training as a pissing naturopath… except that, if it was a degree in science, some fucking bellend spent time and money doing a degree that they were going to use as bog roll before studying for a fucking fake degree – in a fake fucking subject – that deserves to be used for wiping the shit off an angry arse.

There’s absolutely fuck-all difference between the AANP and ANMA … regional board accreditation means fucking nothing for the validity of any of the treatments that get used by these twatbastards … because it’s ALL naturopathy and it’s ALL fucking bollocks.

If the AANP were THAT fucking bothered about validity for anything, it should be focussed on the treatments themselves. Not on whether someone’s in AANP or not. They should started teaching the proper principles of evidence/science-based medicine. That way, at the end of a four-year ‘doctoral’ ‘degree’ course, what ‘graduates’ would come away realising would be this:

1- I just spent two years of my life learning a bunch of useless fucking horse-shite.
2- I then spent another two fucking years doing a research project in controlled practice, only to find out that what I learned in the first two years of this fucking programme was utter fucking horse-shite.
3- I’ve just spent tens of thousands of dollars on this fucking programme and I’m left in a fucking position of STILL not knowing what I can do to fucking help anybody.
4- It’s time that places like Bastyr University got burned to the fucking ground, along with all the bollocks they fucking teach.

It’s NOT ‘alternative medicine’: it’s alternatives to medicine and it’s ALL fucking bollocks. And it’s costing people their fucking lives – and not a single fucking politician in government is doing a fucking thing about it anymore. Health freedom, my fucking fat, hairy, Scottish arse. Freedom to die a fucking unnecessary death, more like.